Deposit at notice:
Park money and earn at the same time

Deposit at notice:
Park money and earn at the same time

Deposit at notice:
Safe, profitable, flexible!

IBB has a clever solution for anyone who wants to invest money safely and in the short term:
Deposit at notice – the opportunity to park even larger amounts of money and earn at the same time.

Our offer – your advantages:

Stay flexible: No fixed term

Faster liquidity: notice period only 39 days

Profitable: Attractive variable interest rate currently 3.135 % p.a. (average EURIBOR 1 month, minus 0.50 %, annual settlement; source: Bundesbank)

Dynamic: Additional payments and cancellation of partial amounts are possible at any time

Open to the top: from € 100,000 investment amount. No upper limit.

Start now and
enjoy full service

Parking money with IBB starts with a click. You just need to specify in what form you want to hear from us. Our experts take care of everything else: We answer all questions and take care of the formalities.


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