Deposit insurance

Deposit insurance

Deposit insurance

Statutory deposit insurance

The Bank is a member of the Entschädigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken GmbH (EdB) (= statutory deposit protection scheme – hereafter referred to as the “Compensation Scheme”). Deposit protection via the compensation scheme includes not only all types of deposits – essentially demand, time and savings deposits – but also registered savings bonds.

We hereby draw attention to the following restrictions on the protection of deposits or other repayable funds through the Compensation Scheme:

Not protected are those liabilities of the Bank over which the Bank has issued bearer instruments, such as bearer bonds and bearer certificates of deposit, as well as liabilities to credit institutions, government agencies, insurance companies.

Also not protected are 10% of the Bank’s liabilities from securities transactions. Liabilities from securities transactions come into consideration when securities have been lost and the Bank is unable to return the securities owned by and held for the customer to the customer. 90% of the Bank’s liabilities arising from these cases are covered by the indemnification scheme, but only up to the total amount of EUR 20,000.00.

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Voluntary deposit insurance

In addition to the compensation scheme (see above), the Bank is voluntarily affiliated to the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Public Sector Banks (= voluntary deposit protection – hereinafter referred to as the “Deposit Protection Fund”) for the purpose of further deposit protection.

We hereby draw attention to the following restrictions on the protection of deposits or other repayable funds via the Deposit Protection Fund:

Deposits of banks as well as deposits of the Federal Government and the Federal States and their special funds are not protected by the Deposit Protection Fund.

Liabilities for which a bank has issued bearer instruments are also not protected.

A legal claim against the Deposit Protection Fund is excluded. Payments by the Deposit Protection Fund are made on a voluntary basis according to the capacity of the Deposit Protection Fund, i.e., within the limits of the Fund’s existing assets. In the event of a claim, the customer’s settled claim against the Bank is transferred to the Deposit Protection Fund. The Deposit Protection Fund only pays if and to the extent that the compensation scheme (see above) does not pay.

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