Terms of use

Terms of use

Legal notice / Terms of use

These terms and conditions regulate access to and use of the information and materials offered on the Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee AG (IBB AG) website. In addition, reference is made to the legal framework and the responsible publishers are listed.

With the use of the internet presence the terms of use for the offer are accepted as binding.

The use of this Internet presence provided by IBB AG is based on the following provisions:


1. offer of information

a) A variety of different information is made available to the user on the IBB AG website. Some of this information comes directly from IBB AG, while some is provided by cooperation partners of IBB AG that are recognizable to the user (third-party offers).

b) IBB AG cannot guarantee that information, such as financial data and company announcements, will be timely and immediately available. For time specifications, the underlying time zone must be taken into account.


2 Disclaimer / Liability

IBB AG makes every reasonable effort to provide correct, up-to-date and complete information on the Internet site it provides. IBB AG does not warrant the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the information provided on its website.


3. no contract offer and no consultation

a) The contents of this website do not represent a contract offer or financial or other advice from IBB AG. Products are presented without obligation and product information is provided. In particular, this information does not contain any guarantees or other assurances.

b) The Internet presence does not constitute advice in financial or other matters. It also does not provide a substitute for consultation. None of the content of the presentation is to be considered as a recommendation to undertake or refrain from undertaking certain transactions without first obtaining advice that takes into account the needs of the user. This applies in particular to the calculation aids offered, via which standardized information is communicated but individual advice cannot be provided.

c) No contracts for the delivery of goods or the provision of services, including financial services, are being concluded within this Internet presence, unless IBB AG expressly requests the user to enter a transaction number (TAN) in connection with the corresponding personal user ID in the respective order form. By entering the online forms provided, the user does not make any contractual declaration regarding the delivery of goods or the provision of services, including financial services, unless IBB AG expressly requests the user to enter a transaction number (TAN) in combination with the corresponding PIN in the respective order form. Only contracts in which the user makes recognizable declarations to third-party providers are excluded from this. In this context, even without a request to enter a transaction number (TAN) and personal user ID on the part of IBB AG, the user may make contractual declarations that may result in the conclusion of contracts.


4. orders via internet banking, e-mail or online form

The online forms used within this Internet presence serve exclusively for non-binding information requests. Commissions to IBB AG will only be accepted and executed if they are issued by using the corresponding banking function after prior identification of the user by means of the user ID and the entry of a TAN.


5. regulation on third-party offers

Only IBB AG’s own content is provided for retrieval on the IBB AG website.


6. links and frames

a) Links from third-party offers to sub-pages, sub-directories or files from the Internet presence of IBB AG are permitted after prior written approval by IBB AG. The same applies to the integration of the offer or parts of the offer into a third-party offer using “frames” (embedded windows).

b) IBB AG is not liable for any content referred to directly or indirectly by “links” from its Internet presence. IBB AG has not authorized the contents of these linked pages. They are not continuously reviewed by IBB AG. In particular, IBB AG does not adopt these contents as its own.


7. modifications

IBB AG reserves the right to make changes or additions to the information provided without prior notice, provided that the change is reasonable for the user, under consideration of the interests of IBB AG.


8. copyright and rights of use

a) The content of this Internet presence is protected by copyright in favor of IBB AG or, in individual cases, in favor of third parties. All rights reserved. Every user of the Internet presence is granted the right to temporarily save or download content provided on the Internet presence, with the exception of images and graphics, in whole or in part. Permanent storage and reproduction of the contents require the consent of IBB AG. The same applies to the use of content from this Internet offering in the user’s own Internet offerings. The mandatory consent can be requested at kontakt@ibb-ag.com.

b) With regard to the images and graphics provided on the website, the following applies: The images and graphics used on this website are protected by copyright. Any permanent storage, modification or disclosure is not permitted and will lead to legal consequences in case of non-compliance.


9. data protection

IBB AG deals responsibly with the personal data provided to it. Personal data is collected, processed and used in compliance with the applicable national and European data protection regulations, in particular the Telemedia Act. See here: Data protection notice of IBB AG.


10. choice of law

German law shall apply exclusively.


11. printing and saving these terms of use

These Terms of Use can be printed and saved immediately, by using the print or save function in your browser, for example.