Thinking like an entrepreneur –
Acting like a bank: project funding

Thinking like an entrepreneur –
Acting like a bank: project funding

Project funding

How exactly do we define “project funding”?

We undertake short-term financing of entrepreneurial projects with a clearly defined start and end. This can be the construction of a machine up to its delivery to the end customer. Or the financing of tools for automotive suppliers.

What is particularly important here?

Acting entrepreneurially means acting quickly, decisively and with commitment. Deadlines and commitments must be complied with. Often there is no time for lengthy back-and-forth negotiations. As a bank with direct lines of communication and a strong entrepreneurial focus, we are prepared for this.

What makes IBB particularly attractive to customers?

We are a bank belonging to a corporation that grew up with manufacturing companies. A bank for doers. That’s why we also focus on the individual project when it comes to financing – more than the general framework conditions you may be used to from other banks. What are the profit prospects of the specific project? How solid is it planned? Are there any buffers? What do we know about the end customer? These are the questions that we ask. In other words, we think like an entrepreneur. Then, we act as a bank should: We give a resounding yes. Or a resounding no.

Are there any special qualities that make IBB stand out?

There are no standards in the project business. Everything is “special”. The solutions we provide are always tailor-made and adapted to the individual project.

You have projects that you want to finance quickly and competently? Talk to us and get to know a bank that thinks like an entrepreneur.