Commitment, experience, openness:
Strategy-oriented asset management

Commitment, experience, openness:
Strategy-oriented asset management

Strategy-oriented asset management

How exactly do we define “strategy-oriented asset management”?

Successful asset management is based on trust: Our clients can rely on us to understand them and to act in their best interests. We not only develop strategic frameworks in terms of investment horizon and risk specifications, but also jointly establish clear rules for the implementation of the investment process. The implementation itself is accompanied by regular reporting.

What is particularly important here?

We believe that if you want to be successful in the long term, you put functionality before spectacularity. With this in mind, we place particular emphasis on a solid asset structure and excellent product solutions.

Did you know that structure has been proven to determine more than 90% of a portfolio’s performance? If you then systematically select funds to work for you – the ones at the top of their class in each case – a solid foundation is established for successful asset management. Probably even much more than that.

What makes IBB particularly attractive to customers?

IBB combines two components of success that are otherwise rarely found together: Independence and experience. Because we are not a major bank or part of a financial group, we are free to choose our financial solutions and any external service providers. We can choose what best fits your goals. Not least because of this independence, we have asset managers with exceptional expertise.

How much experience does IBB have in this area?

Our experience is in the minds – and hearts – of our employees. We are proud that each of our advisors has been involved in portfolios, investing and assisting sophisticated clients for at least a decade. Because over the years, you learn something that goes far beyond any investment theory: prudence. Those who want their assets planned and managed for the long term will appreciate this.

Would you like to talk to someone who will take care of your money as if it were his own? Our experts are here for you. Use your experience and motivation.

Andreas Kneidl

Asset Management | Friedrichshafen

Christian Hacker

Asset Management | Friedrichshafen


Investment in capital markets is associated with risks and may lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. Please refer to our notes on capital investments

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