Let your money work!

Let your money work!

IBB Fixed Deposits:
Your money can go back to work!

The financial world is in motion. Interest rates are rising worldwide. IBB customers can take advantage of this. Our fixed-term deposit offers for deposits of €100,000 or more make investing attractive: no market risk at all, and yet high yields.

What term and interest rate meets your investment objective?

Interest: 1.00 % p. a. | Term: 6 months

Interest: 1.50 % p. a. | Term: 12 months

Interest: 2.00 % p. a. | Term: 18 months

In person is best!
Your way to the IBB time deposit

Decide on the term and interest rate. Our IBB fixed deposit expert will contact you or send you all the necessary documents upon request.

The best thing to do is to speak directly to our fixed-term deposit expert:

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